Black Sea Region

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Travellers who imagine that Turkey is nothing but barren steppes are surprised by its lush, humid and ubiquitously green Black Sea Coast. The Black Sea region smashes all stereotypes held about Turkey. Dense pine forests cover the mountain tops that force clouds coming inland to disgorge themselves, thus creating a rainy and fertile realm. Due to this mountainous character, the region is less accessible than its Aegean and Mediterranean counterparts and it has always been isolated from the inland, but the sights make it certainly worthwhile. The eastern part of the region is the most visited with Trabzon, the region's unofficial capital, and the park and monastery of Sümela as most prominent tourist destinations. West of Samsun, the largest city and most important harbour of the Black Sea Coast, the region becomes less accessible, but the cities of Amasra and Sinop are highlights that shouldn't be missed. Another obligatory stop is the UNESCO World Heritage City, the open-air museum of Safranbolu wıth its old Ottoman houses and cobbled streets.

Further inland, there is the city of Amasya, where the Ottoman Sultans gained experience in governance. And for those with an interest in archaeology, there is the ruined city of Hattuşa, the capital of the enigmatic Hittites waiting to be discovered.

One major drawback for planning a trip in this region is that the weather conditions can be unpredictable. Especially, in the most eastern part, i.e. east of Trabzon, rains can be abundant in all seasons.  Therefore, the best travelling period for the Black Sea Region is from June to August. 

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