Artvin - Panorama - Sunset over Mountains

The small provincial capital of Artvin with its population of 20,000 is located on a hill above the road linking Kars and Hopa. Artvin is a charming small town with old Ottoman houses and a spectacular setting in the Caucasus (Kafkas) mountains.  

Sights and Photos of Artvin

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Travel Information & Travel Tips

I visited Artvin on our 2003 journey through Anatolia.  Coming from Kars, buses take the long route (4-5 hours) and drop you off at the bus station in the valley while the actual town centre is on the top of the hill. You have to take a taxi to the centre. The ride from Kars and further onwards to Hopa and Rize offers some wonderful scenery. At Artvin, we stayed at Otel Karahan, İnönü Caddesi 16, Phone +90 (466) 212 18 00. After a stay of one night, which is really too short, but weather conditions got bad, we headed on to Trabzon.

The fresh trout at the Nazar Restaurant (İnönü Caddesi 5/B, Tel +90 (466) 212 17 09 is delicious. Accompanied by a bottle of raki and the breathtaking scenery outside makes the meal a feast both for eye and stomach.



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