Eastern Anatolia

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Eastern Anatolia is a region sparsely populated and covered with high mountains, some of which are extinct volcanoes. Among these, Mount Ararat, with its summit at 5165m above sea level, is certainly the most spectacular and is thought by some to be the landing place of Noah's ark. 

Nature in Eastern Anatolia is splendid and unspoiled with landscapes one is never to forget. There are the vast steppes, the towering peak of Mount Ararat covered with snow, the blue-green waters of the Van lake surrounded by snowcapped mountains and grazing herds of cattle. Lake Van is truly a wonder of nature, it is the largest lake in Turkey and the biggest sodium water lake of the world.

Eastern Turkey also offers cultural highlights with the remnants of ancient civilizations, such as the romantic Ishak Pasha Palace, the remains of Urartian buildings, beautiful Armenian churches, etc.

Unfortunately, there's also some bad news. As from 2015, the region cannot be considered to be safe for travel anymore. The security situation is unpredictable and there is a significant threat of terrorism and kidnapping. We can only hope that it will turn for the better in the near future.

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