Mediterranean Turkey - Travel Report

Journey along Turkey's Mediterranean Coast

In this travel in 2004, we explored Turkey's Mediterranean coast, an area of great beauty, which is scattered with the picturesque ruins of ancient civilizations.

We started our tour at Adana, with its impressive Sabancı Merkez Camii, since at that time (2004), this was the only local airport available. From there we headed through the Cilician gates to the Hatay province and its capital Antakya, the Antioch ad Orontes from antiquity. Antioch - Antakya was the setting for the chariot race in Lew Wallace's novel Ben-Hur. The mosaic museum, displaying Roman mosaics discovered at nearby Harbiye was our main reason to visit Antakya.

From Antakya, we returned to Adana and continued further west to the harbor city of Mersin. From here, we went for a half day excursion to Tarsus, the birthplace of St. Paul. The next stop on our journey was Kızkalesi, a charming holiday resort located amidst the ruins of Greek, Roman and Byzantine buildings. After visiting the ruins of Olbia at Uzuncaburç and the temple of Jupiter at Silifke, the journey continued along the extremely winding road to Anamur. Anamur is famous for its castle that protects the most southern point of Turkey's coast. From Anamur we drove through mainly flat terrain to Alanya where we stayed for only one day, enough to visit the castle and to enjoy the scenery. At our next stop, Side we could enjoy the sunset at the temple of Apollo. From Side, we headed further west to beautiful Antalya, where we stayed in the inner-city, Kaleiçi. Antalya was our basis for further exploration of the archaeological sites of Perge, Aspendos, and Termessos. We concluded this journey with a stay at Eğirdir and visit of nearby Sagalassos, after which we finally headed for our usual resting place Kuşadası

Unfortunately, due to the current (2017) political situation, there is security advice against all but essential travels to the region east of Adana.

  1. Thursday, June, 10: Brussels - Istanbul - Adana
    TK1938 Dept. 11:15– Istanbul International Arr. 15:35
    TK 466 Dept. Istanbul Domestic 16:50 – Adana 18:20
  2. Friday, June, 11: Visit of Adana
  3. Saturday, June, 12 Bus Adana - Antakya (Hatay) (ca. 3.5 hrs)
    Hotel Onur, Istiklal Sokak 14, Tel. 0356/216 221
  4. Sunday, June, 13
    Visit of Antakya and Hatay Archeology Museum
    Afternoon visit of St. Simeon, and further to Samandağ - Çevlik (35 km) Titüs ve Vespasyanüs Tüneli.
  5. Monday, June, 14: Antakya – Adana (3.5 hrs) – Mersin (50 min)
    Visit of Mersin
  6. Tuesday, June, 15: Bus to Tarsus (23 km, 20 min) and visit of Tarsus
    Afternoon, continue visit of Mersin
  7. Wednesday, June, 16: taxi to Kızkalesi (60 km) stay at Hantur Otel, (Kızkalesi) Tel. 0324/ 523 2367
    Visit of Kızkalesi
  8. Thursday, June, 17: Private car (Hantur Hotel) to Uzuncaburç
    Visit of Uzuncaburç, the ancient temple city of Olbia
    Return to Silifke, visit of Temple of Jupiter and Chasms of Heaven and Hell  
  9. Friday, June, 18: Private car visit of Kızkalesi - Kanlıdivane
    Bus Silifke – Anamur (4 hrs)
  10. Saturday, June, 19: Private car visit  of Mamure Castle Anemurium
    Afternoon rest
  11. Sunday, June, 20: Bus Anamur – Alanya (4 hrs)
    Visit of Alanya
  12. Monday, June, 21 Bus Alanya –Manavgat  (1.5 hrs), dolmuş to Side
    Visit of Side
  13. Tuesday, June, 22 Side - Manavgat - Antalya
    Stay at Hotel Frankfurt, Hıdırlık Sokak 17, Tel. 0242/247 62 24
    Visit of Antalya
  14. Wednesday, June, 23: Taxi to Perge and Aspendos
  15. Thursday, June, 24: Taxi to Termessos
  16. Friday, June, 25: Antalya – Eğirdir (2.5 hrs)
    Visit of Eğirdir
  17. Saturday, June, 26: Bus to Isparta and dolmuş to Ağlasun, visit of Sagalassos
  18. Sunday, June, 27: Eğirdir – Aydın - Kuşadası
  19. Monday, June, 28: Stay at Kuşadası
  20. Tuesday, June, 29: Stay at Kuşadası
  21. Wednesday, June, 30: Stay at Kuşadası
  22. Thursday, July, 1: Stay at Kuşadası
  23. Friday, July, 2:  Stay at Kuşadası
  24. Saturday, July, 3: Kuşadası - Izmir - Istanbul – Brussels
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