Kalkan - Panorama - Manzarası

Kalkan, on the Mediterranean Coast, is a beautiful small harbour town devoted to tourism with white-washed houses, colourful shops and terraced bars and restaurants overlooking the marina.


Kalkan was an Ottoman-Greek village called Kalamaki. In the Greek-Turkish population exchange of 1925, the Greek population migrated to either Greece or Australia. Those that left for Greece, founded a village near Athens which they named again Kalamaki.

Present-day development of tourism started in the early 1980s by travellers searching for the perfect Mediterranean village. In the meanwhile, the place has grown into a holiday resort dominated mainly by the British package tour company Simply Turkey.

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Kalkan has its own small shingle beach, but much better is the nearby sandy Kaputaş Beach close to the impressive Kaputaş Gorge at 6 km, a 10-minute bus ride. Steps from the roadside provide access to the popular beach.  We were very fortunate to stay at the luxurious and very elegant Hotel Kartal Yuvasi which means Eagle's Nest. It was a great experience.


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