Archaeological excavations in natural park

The ruined hill-top ancient city of Kadyanda or Cadianda (Turkish: Kadianda) is situated at about 24 km north-east of Fethiye near the village of Üzümlü. The archaeological site, with its monuments and inscriptions dating back to the 5th century BCE, has only recently been opened to tourism.

Historical Background

Kadyanda or Kadawanti in Lycian was not an important city and is mentioned only once in the ancient manuscripts. Already in the 4th century CE, the place was abandoned and never settled again. The site was discovered by Charles Fellows in 1840 and is described in his journal An Account on Discoveries in Lycia.

Sights and Photos of Kadyanda

Despite its lack of importance in history, Kadyanda is certainly worth visiting, as the site is unspoiled with its city walls, stadium, temple, agora, Hellenistic - Greek theatre, and Roman baths. All these remains are located in a magnificent setting amidst a pinewood forest with fantastic views over the Xanthos Valley and Fethiye Plain.

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Travel Information & Travel Tips

I visited Kadyanda in 2005, on the advice of my taxi driver. It seems that since then, much of the area has been overgrown.

A visit to the archaeological site can be completed within a 45-minute walk through superb mountain scenery. Kadyanda is easily combined with a visit to Tlos and Kayaköy as a one-day excursion from Fethiye.


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