Eastern and Central Anatolia - Travel Report

Map of travel thru Eastern & Central Turkey

We carried out this journey through Eastern & Central Anatolia in June 2002. As shown on the map, we started in the eastern provinces and headed west to end at the Aegean Region in Kuşadası.
Adventurous Eastern Turkey is a magnificent country with vast steppes and high mountains. The trip brought us to regions with marvellous scenery, full of remains of ancient and lost civilizations like the palace of Ishak Pasha, and the mysterious idols of Mount Nemrut.  We admired the amazing landscape of the fairy chimneys of Cappadocia and enjoyed a rest at peaceful Lake Egirdir.

In a word, it was a memorable trip, that we will never to forget.

Unfortunately, due to the current (2017) political situation, there is security advice against all but essential travels to Eastern Turkey.

Here's a detailed itinerary of the June 2002 travel:

  1. Monday, June 3: Flight Turkish Airlines TK1938 Brussels 12:25 - Istanbul 16:45
  2. Tuesday, June 4: Flight TK806 Istanbul 07:45 - Van City 09:45, dolmuş to Doğubeyazit
  3. Wednesday, June 5: Stay at Doğubeyazit visit of İşak Paşa Saray
  4. Thursday, June 6: Dolmuş Doğubeyazit - Van, visit of  Van City & Lake
  5. Friday, June 7: Stay at Van Visit by private car Hoşap Kalesi, Çavuştepe, and Akdamar Island
  6. Saturday, June 8: Bus Van - Diyarbakır
  7. Sunday, June 9: Visit of Diyarbakır
  8. Monday, June 10: Visit of Mardin by taxi
  9. Tuesday, June 11: Bus Diyarbakır - Şanlıurfa
  10. Wednesday, June 12: Guided visit of Harran
  11. Thursday, June 13: Bus Şanlı Urfa - Adiyaman Dolmuş to Kahta Afternoon and evenıng guided tour of Nemrut Dağı (Mount Nemrut)
  12. Friday, June 14: Kahta - Adiyaman - Kayseri - Göreme (Cappadocia)
  13. Saturday, June 15: Visit Cappadocia
  14. Sunday, June 16: Göreme - Konya - Eğirdir
  15. Monday, June 17: Stay at Eğirdir, visit of Sagalassos
  16. Tuesday, June 18: Bus Eğirdir - Kuşadası
  17. Wednesday, June 19: Stay at Kuşadası
  18. Thursday June 20: Stay at Kuşadası
  19. Friday, June 21: Stay at Kuşadası
  20. Saturday, June 22: Stay at Kuşadası
  21. Sunday,June 23: Stay at Kuşadası
  22. Monday, June 24: Flight Turkish Airlines Izmir - Istanbul Ataturk Airport, followed by Istanbul - Brussels


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